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St. Joseph Welcomes Hospitality On-Site

October 7, 2018

St. Joseph University Parish hosted an Extraordinary Hospitality On-Site with a tremendous turnout. Over 80 people gathered on a Saturday morning in the parish hall to be inspired and trained to create an unforgettable guest experience. There were representatives from every major ministry, along with staff, deacons parish council and of course greeters and ushers.

“When you are trying to create an extraordinarily welcoming culture, it’s important to make sure that all of the key leaders catch that vision.” said John Poitevent, Parish Catalyst Director of Facilitation. “Every experience people have at your parish can be one of love and welcome, or cause people to feel like outsiders. Every ministry is an Extraordinary Hospitality opportunity.”

The workshop started with John casting a vision for the power of Extraordinary Hospitality. Following the Parish Catalyst process, groups then created their own evaluation of the current parish culture. Time was also provided for ministries to discuss and plan how to become more inviting and welcoming. The afternoon was dedicated to reaching “CEO’s”, Christmas and Easter Only Catholics. After a discussion on millennials, the day closed with groups brainstorming ideas for creating “An Extraordinary Christmas” experience at St. Joseph. 

“The response has been very positive.” said Father Jack Ledwon. “We were already a welcoming parish, but now we see how much further we can go. There  are so many creative ways that we can make our space and our community more receptive and affirming to everyone who comes to us. Now our people have a greater vision for what we could be, and practical steps that we can easily implement.”

Our On-Site Workshops bring the Parish Catalyst experience to your people at your location and are always designed uniquely for your parish. If you would like to talk about bringing an On-Site to your parish, CLICK HERE and we will get back to you right away. 

Also, don’t miss our Extraordinary Hospitality Webinar on October 23rd. This is a free online event with live Q&A and a worksheet for teams to process the learning together. CLICK HERE to register for our Extraordinary Hospitality Webinar.

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