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St. Brigid Parish, San Diego, CA, Millennial & Parish Study

March 21, 2017

Study Background and Objectives

Background – Parish Catalyst invited St. Brigid Parish (along with 9 other parishes from around the U.S.) to spend the next 18 months focused on developing ways to engage millennials in the life of the Church. One of the first goals that came from this workshop was to consult young adults and assume nothing; this study is the result of that goal.

General Research Objectives

  1. Perception: what does St. Brigid’s have to  offer?
  2. Attraction: How do we attract millennials/young people (20-35 years old) to the Catholic Church
  3. Retention: How do we engage them in the life of the Catholic Church?                                                                             [one millennial referred to it as the ‘Magnet and Velcro Effect’ (attract and retain)]

Types of Research – multi-pronged approach

  1. Written In Pew Survey: 805 responses – 1/3 were from millennials
  2. Listening Sessions with: Young Adults Leadership (16 participants), Young Adult Bible Study (40 participants) and Parish Leadership (taking place in March 2017)
  3. Sacrament Survey: those preparing for Baptism (21 responses) and First Communion (43 responses)
  4. Ask-a-Friend Survey: millennials who were raised Catholic but not currently practicing (5 responses thus far)

To read the study click the link below:

Saint Brigid Millennial and Parish Study Part 1
Saint Brigid Millennial and Parish Study Part 2

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