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Parish Catalyst Announces New Executive Director

October 5, 2018

Earlier this month, Parish Catalyst announced it’s new Executive Director, Felipe “Flip” Sanchez. Following in the footsteps of Steve Picard and Co-Founder Claire Henning, Flip will continue the great work that the organization has established toward parish renewal.

Sanchez shared his thoughts on the opportunity and the future of Parish Catalyst.

I am incredibly humbled and honored to serve as the new Executive Director of Parish Catalyst.  I am a lifelong Catholic but I experienced the Church in a life-changing way when I joined Saint Monica Catholic Community in Santa Monica, CA and for the past 8 years the parish has been my home. Through my parish, I have experienced community, friendship, and growth. I even met my wife in my parish, and we just welcomed our first born, Gus, to the world and he was baptized at St. Monica. I believe in parish renewal because of how it has affected me personally. The most significant things I have in my life today are a direct result of my parish experience, the greatest of which is my relationship with God.

Parish Catalyst exists to encourage Catholic leaders to think creatively, act courageously and renew the church. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead Parish Catalyst and I look forward to helping leaders and teams build life changing parish communities.

Outgoing ED, Steve Picard wrote a fond farewell for the staff and leaders he has worked with.

Dear Friends,
 It is with great affection and not a little sadness that I bid adieu and “bye for now” to my friends and colleagues at Parish Catalyst, and my time as Executive Director of the most dynamic vehicle for parish renewal in God’s Church today.  I especially thank Bill Simon and Claire Henning for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Parish Catalyst team for more than two and half years.  To say that I have been blessed and enriched by this experience is an understatement.  I will fondly remember my many conversations with pastors across the country, and I will most especially treasure being part of the process of six Parish Catalyst Learning Communities with the pastors and members of their parish leadership teams.  My intellectual and spiritual horizons have been expanded more than you can possibly imagine from my interactions with you all.  I am a better person and better disciple of Jesus for having shared this experience with you, and I pray for many continued blessings on my colleagues, and on the Learning Community pastors and parish teams.  May the face of God continue to shine upon you, and illuminate your work.  With gratitude to all, =Steve


“I’m extremely grateful for how Steve has faithfully served this organization. I know he will continue to have a great impact on the Church.”, said founder Bill Simon. “I’m also very excited to welcome Flip as our new Executive Director. I have watched him develop as a leader, and his experience in his own parish makes him a perfect fit for guiding the future of Parish Catalyst.”
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