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Leadership Coaching

Bring the Parish Catalyst experience to your people at your location. We create each On-Site weekend uniquely for your parish. Below are some topics that we currently offer, however, we also create custom workshops around your specific vision and needs.

In his book, Great Catholic Parishes, Bill Simon identifies 4 essential practices of Parishes that thrive.
Great Parishes: Share Leadership, Excel on Sundays, Foster Spiritual Maturity and Evangelize Effectively.
Each of our On-Site experiences is designed around these practices.

On-Site Workshops - Open to All Parishes

Growing Volunteers

Through teaching and interactive exercises your people will learn to invite, equip, encourage and empower others to serve Jesus within their faith community. Break free from the cycle of a few people doing most of the work and create an abundant volunteer culture at your Parish! Great Parishes share leadership.

Thriving Small Groups

Throughout Church history, small groups have played a vital role. From the time of Christ to today, smaller “faith families” have changed countless lives. Learn how to invite and equip leaders, spread the vision and engage people in a more personal discipleship through community. Great Parishes foster spiritual maturity.

Extraordinary Hospitality

Would you like your Parish be a place where everyone feels welcomed in a memorable way? This workshop gives a vision for extraordinary hospitality, shares best practices and equips your team on how to give every visitor an unforgettable experience. Great Parishes excel on Sundays.

Community Impact

How can your Parish better express the Gospel by meeting the needs of your city? Through this workshop your people will identify local needs and resources, learn about community partnerships and gain a vision for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Great Parishes evangelize effectively.

Weekend Experience Assessment

What is it like to be a visitor at your Parish? This on-site evaluation looks at the experience of a first time guest, from a web search to arriving and attending a mass. The on-site assessment is followed by a detailed report with improvement suggestions and resources. Great parishes excel on Sundays.

Advance Weekends - For Parish Catalyst Learning Community Parishes

Generation Next

Spread your vision for making disciples of the next generation. Incorporating many of the resources from our Learning Community gatherings, your people will gain a better understanding and vision for reaching the next generation. For those starting a coalition, this is an excellent way to help them catch up with the learning you have already experienced. Great Parishes Foster Spiritual Maturity & Evangelize Effectively

Dynamic Discipleship

Utilizing the 5 Characteristics of a Dynamic Disciple, this workshop helps define what it means to be a disciple and teaches how to make disciples. Participants will evaluate their own faith formation journey and imagine new ways to help others. For those starting a coalition, this is an excellent way to help them catch your vision. Great Parishes Foster Spiritual Maturity & Evangelize Effectively.

What is a Parish Catalyst Learning Community?

A Learning Community is a group of ten to twelve pastors and their leadership teams. This group comes together four times over 18 months to learn, collaborate and strategically plan the future of their parishes. A Learning Community is not a program or a one-time conference, rather it is a unique process that promotes innovation and invites teams to grow with one another in making disciples.

Do you know a pastor who is a leader in his field? We want to meet him!
Nominate your pastor to get involved with Parish Catalyst.

Dynamic Discipleship Retreats

Through teaching, guided prayer, scripture and contemplative exercises your people will experience and learn about a lifestyle of following Jesus. Our team will work with you to create an unforgettable weekend based around your goals and vision. Great Parishes foster spiritual maturity.