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The Buzz Around Bill's Book, Great Catholic Parishes

Cardinal Dolan’s blog article, “Great Catholic Parishes: How Four Essential Practices Make Them Thrive”

News about parishes hasn’t always been so happy in recent years, as it seems more and more people have decided that they are “spiritual but not religious,” and have turned their back on any sort of organized religion. Many feel as if they weren’t “getting anything” from their local church.  And while we know that… Read more »

Wall Street Journal, “Waking Up from Spiritual Sleepwalking”

We studied hundreds of parishes to figure out what makes the vibrant ones shine. Some wag once quipped, “I’m not asleep, but that doesn’t mean I’m awake.” This vividly describes many of today’s churchgoers. Though disciplined about attendance, many believers sleepwalk through faith. In my Catholic tradition, the number of parishioners who regularly attend Mass… Read more »

Real Clear Politics, “Great Catholic Parishes”

By soliciting advice in all regions of the country and by conducting visitations, William E. Simon Jr. and his researchers chose 244 of the greatest parishes among us. His researchers then conducted rigorous interviews, asking his respondents, “What makes a Catholic parish ‘great’?” An unprecedentedly high percentage spoke of four distinguishing marks.   Read the… Read more »

The Daily Signal, “William E. Simon’s Mission to Make Parishes Great Again”

To William E. Simon Jr., that means strengthening community by starting with the life of the local Catholic parish. He wrote his new book, Simon explains, to help parishes become thriving places of worship and community, which in turn will influence the lives of millions of American Catholics. Read the full article by Melody Wood… Read more »

National Catholic Reporter, “Checking up on the Francis effect”

California business leader Bill Simon points out what makes great parishes, and the key is inspired leadership that inspires lay people to engage in service and spirituality. In a survey of pastors, he notes how many — unsolicited — talked up a “Francis effect” on how they run their parishes. Also see how Simon’s new… Read more »