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 “Parishes are communities of faith, of action, and of hope. They are where the Gospel is proclaimed and celebrated, where believers are formed and sent to renew the earth. Parishes are the home of Christian community; they are the heart of our Church. Parishes are the place where God’s people meet Jesus in word and sacrament and come in touch with the source of the Church’s life.”

-Communities of Salt and Light


What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community is a group of no more than twelve pastors and their pastoral teams. This group comes together to share with one another and to learn from one another. A Learning Community is not a program or a one-time conference, rather it is a unique process that invites teams to grow with one another.


How does a pastor get chosen by Parish Catalyst to be a part of a Learning Community?

Parishes are nominated to be a part of a Learning Community. After a nomination is received, a member of the Parish Catalyst team interviews that pastor to determine if he would be an appropriate fit for our process.


Can a pastor nominate himself?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage a pastor to nominate himself. See our nomination page for more details.


What is asked in the pastor interview?

Here is a link to the questions asked in a pastor interview.


Where do you meet?

We convene in Los Angeles, California.


Does it cost to join a Learning Community?

Yes. The fee involved covers 25% of the cost of the gatherings. Our generous donors pay for the rest.


How many times do you meet?

Each Learning Community will meet four times over the course of 18 months.


What is a parish team committing to by agreeing to be part of a Learning Community?

By agreeing to be a part of a Learning Community, a parish is committing to four three-day sessions over the course of 18 months, regular follow-ups and check-ins by the Parish Catalyst staff, and an open mind and heart ready to learn and grow their parish.


Who makes up a parish team?

The initial fee covers the cost of the pastor and two team members. However, a pastor may bring additional team members. A pastor should bring team members who are innovative thinkers and who are able to be honest about their parish life.


What happens at a Parish Catalyst Learning Community gathering?

Over the course of three days, Learning Communities will hear from elite speakers and thought leaders from various industries and religions, have the opportunity to collaborate with other high impact teams from across the country, and work to develop plans to continue to strengthen the life of their parish.


What results can you expect?

Parish Catalyst is grounded in extensive research and has proven to accelerate original thinking in parish ministry. Parishes that have completed their time with a Parish Catalyst Learning Community have shown measurable growth and positive change in the life of their parish.


Are there resources available with information about how to better my parish?

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