What Is Parish Catalyst?

We are a non-profit organization helping Pastors and leadership teams who are growing vibrant Catholic parishes. We serve as a platform for creative ideas in parish ministry that will inspire the devout, re-engage those who have turned away from the Church, and draw others to the joy of the Catholic faith for the first time.

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Our Vision

  • The Parish is where the Church lives.
  • We provide an environment that stimulates pastoral excellence.

Parish Catalyst seeks the answers to the questions: 

  • Why are some Catholic parishes energized and growing while others are not?
  • How can we help gifted pastoral leaders increase their success and share their strategies?
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Our Approach


  • IDENTIFY Catholic pastors and parishes with reputations for growth, energy and creativity.
  • INTERVIEW the pastors.
  • CONVENE pastors and provide an environment where their combined energy and creativity catalyze original thinking and insights for their parishes.
  • SHARE the outcomes with other pastors and parishes.


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Who We Are

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