A New Catholic Approach

Connecting vibrant pastoral teams in a unique process that accelerates parish vitality and growth

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Our Process


We identify pastors from across the country who have demonstrated creative leadership skills and who are eager to grow their parishes in innovative ways.


We invite pastors and key members of their pastoral teams to join a Parish Catalyst Learning Community.


We ignite the imaginations and plans of pastoral teams in a unique process of collaborative learning, which challenges them to stretch their visions of ministry beyond the current strategies in play at their parishes

Our Blog

  • A Call to Mercy

    “Pope Francis!” he said – enthusiastically and without hesitation – in reply to my question, “What are you most excited about for your parish?” Noting that the arrival of such a pope as Fr...

  • Chastity Web Page

    Once the web page is completed, our hope is that it will be a resource that will encourage and remind men of the things they must do on a daily basis to be prepared, intentional, and consistent in the...

  • Evangelization though Community: Why Catholic Beer Club is Different

    We discuss the good, the true, and the beautiful in the public square, a bar or other gathering space. The end goal is to evangelize the world by engaging it. ...

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